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What we do in Cross Dent

If your loved ones do not have an orthodontist or periodontist to recommend you, you will have to choose between 7,000 dentists.

Here in Cross Dent you will find the right solution!
Central to the big city.
We can offer you reviews and visits in the coming days. Otherwise, it can confuse your plans.
Finally, price is a very important criterion. We will prepare an exact treatment plan for you, with possible deferred payment without increase in price, with various technologies and materials, so that you have the most optimal treatment with a suitable price!

We put our patients over everything and insist on quality!
Do not hesitate to contact us!

Assoc. Dr. Silvia Krasteva, dm. 0887 246 830 – Orthodontist – Specialist
Dr. Styliana Krasteva, MD. 0885 755 582 – Periodontist – Specialist
Dr. Angelina Krasteva, 0885 775 211

Our approach to work is completely streamlined. Our dentists at Cross Dent take care of their patients carefully and are completely relieved of administrative tasks so that they can focus entirely on caring for you. We do not spare quality.

In our dental center Cross Dent Our team provides basic care they need.

For more information, contact the Dental Center Cross Dent.

Our Dental Center strives for perfection and our effectiveness is undeniable. We have the best equipment to provide you with the best dental care.

The work of our dental center protect the privacy of our patients and offers them the most competent care.

Our concept is the care aimed at communication and explanation of the patient about the various problems with the teeth that he may face, their origin and the various treatments offered by our center. Thus, the patient can choose the most appropriate treatment for his needs and expectations. Your satisfaction is a priority for our team.

Cross Dent welcomes you a pleasant stay!

Professional Dental Expert with Modern Equipment

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What are they saying our patients

I am extremely pleased with Cross Dent's services. Great team and unique service, I highly recommend it!

Kalina Stoyanova

According to other dentists, my tooth was extracted, only here they were able to save it without any pain. They work very carefully and I am very pleased.

Alexandra Radeva

I have been going to dentists for twenty years and I have never happened to be kind, attentive, and responsive, but after I came across Cross Dent on a recommendation from a friend of mine, I finally found the right dentist.

Kalin Arnuldov

My teeth are a sick topic and in general because of bad experiences I avoided going to the dentist but after a very strong pain in the middle of the night I could not delay and quickly found a cross dent in Google. Their team responded extremely quickly and the next day the pain was gone,

Svetoslav Mirchev
CrossDent Plovdiv